This is a story that a friend of mine told me, when she was in college. My friend Julissa is of hispanic heritage along with some Apache Indian as well. She is a devote catholic, and when she was born she was born with the viel still over her eyes.

My reasons for saying all that history on her will be revealed in the story to come. You see Julissa is a good friend of mine who I have worked with for 2 years now going on 3 soon. She has always seemed to attract the paranormal whether she likes it or not, she is also the same person I wrote about in the Spinning Eyes Story. Everywhere she has gone the paranormal world almost seems to call out her name! When she was younger she worked in a Funeral Home, and during a routine call they went to home where an infant had passed in its sleep. While picking it up Julissa was made to handle the infants body, and during this time she said she felt extreme sadness, and cold. Days following that she had dreams about the infant (who was a boy), and a little boy who would grow in her dreams. But it was funny where ever she was her friends said they always saw a small ball of light that followed her. She didn't notice it until the day of the funeral, and viewing. When the family was done, she went to look at the child one last time, and cried. But then she said she felt warm, and saw this light above her head. She stopped crying and watched the light fade into nothing. That night in her dream the little boy at an age between 3-6 was waving goodbye to her, she believes it was the soul of the boy.

Another story occurs regularly in our theatre that we work in. When she is there late at night things go nuts. I have never seen this, but close friends of mine refuse to be in that theatre with her late at night. My friend Yessenia and Julissa were there late making finishing touches to scenery, costumes, and doing some laundry when they saw a man walk past the green room and into a dressing room. Freaked out and thinking it was a burgalar they called security. No one was found.
Lights continued to flicker on and off that night, and sounds were made. This has occured more than once, the same scene over and over, but only around Julissa.

There are more stories than those but the one I am going to share is about her friend in college. Now remember all that stuff I told you about Julissa, well mainly her catholicism is mostly due to the way she was raised, but she has had her fair share of visions, a strong relationship with the lord, she went to Mexico and was one of many who says she has seen the image of the Virgina Mary on that hillside (which the story was featured on Unsolved Mysteries). Her bond with God is strong to say the least.

She was born with a viel over her eyes. Now as superstitions go, kids born with the viel still over their eyes, are said to be able to see things others can't. Such as ghosts, and they are also very subceptible to it as well.

So maybe this is the reasoning behind her life filled of paranormal happenings.

Onto the story, Julissa attended Prarie View College for the Theatre Arts. During this time her and some friends had the ever so wise idea of going to the condemned/abandoned Holly Hall Dormatory. Which is reputed to be haunted.

So they arrive at the site, and almost immediately Julissa gets a stomach ache, and feels faint. She says she felt fine after a little while though and wanted to go inside. She was young and said she disregarded her instincts to leave. When they went inside she said she felt cold and evil all around. All of them felt as though they were being watched. They started to ascend the staircase but Julissa started to feel a prescence coming from the upstairs she didn't want to deal with. She left immediatley saying that she would take no part in stupidity, with that comment 2 other girls followed her out. Luckily they had taken seperate cars. They left behind 2 guys and one girl who wanted to go on and investigate the place.

She told her friends that when they had reached the upstairs she had looked into one of the rooms where there was a open closet and on the floor were some beer cans and other trash. She said she felt like either something was warning her of a human prescence in the house, or a non-human presence and she wanted to leave.

No sooner than maybe 15 minutes after Julissa was dropped off she got a phone call from her friend who had just dropped her off. Saying that the girl that was with the 2 guys needed help and that she couldn't explain just grab your clothes and wait outside I am on the way to get you.

Upon getting dressed Julissa had the urge to grab her rosery, bible, and bottle of holy water she kept on the dresser. She was picked up and on the way they saw the other girl who had left with them walking. Julissa remembered while she was telling me this story that her friend Tenisha was a big girl, but not only that a princess type, and didn't walk anywhere! When they ran into her and picked her up she was already a mile into walking from the college to the abandoned dorm.

Julissa said she didn't know what to expect except that this must be serious. When they got there the guys were walking out and their friend (the girl) Shena was outside. She was skipping around and frolicking Julissa said. It was weird. Then when Julissa got out of the car Shena looked directly at her and said in a funny little girls voice ... "Hi, are you here to save me?"

Julissa at this point thought that was too comical and told the guys very funny, and got really mad that she had been dragged back to this place for nothing. She was about to get back in the car when the guys pleaded with her one in tears and said please "we aren't playing. She started acting like this a while ago when we went into that bed room. She was staring out the window and then when she turned around again it wasn't Shena anymore, go ahead ask her, who she thinks she is!!! If she is playing its all her, but we all know Shena couldn't hang on to a joke this long, she would have broke character already and laughed....Please Julissa!!"

So seeing her friends fear she approached the girl who had an odd look on her face. The girl said..."You have pretty hair, can I play with it?"

Julissa smirked laughed and said okay Shena its time to go home and this isn't funny and more.

But Shena all of a sudden had a really sad look on her face and started to cry. "I am home, I am home! Don't take me away!"

She sat on the ground and started to sway back and forth.

Julissa said that she did notice that Shena's eyes were definitley not right, and that her voice wasn't hers either. This woman now sounded like a small child.

Julissa still didn't want to play though. "Get in the car now Shena!"

"Don't yell at me, your scaring me! My name isn't SHENA!!!"

So Julissa then asked who she was..."My name is Kim..."

Julissa asked where she lived..."Here, I live here, with my little brother, and my dad. Are you going to save me?"

How old are you was the next question..."8, I am 8 I turn 9 next week."

Save you? Julissa asked, From what...

"My dad, he hurts me. My mommy went away, and I have to help my Brother. But Daddy always gets mad at me. Will you save me?"

Julissa went back to her friends and said that she wanted to get her back to the dorms, away from this. If she is faking then she will come out of it when she sees we aren't buying it, if she isn't she will react differently.

So they told her they were going to take her somewhere safe away from her dad. Shena got into the car, and rode all the way to Julissa's Dorm.

Where are we at?

Julissa just kept saying somewhere safe, somewhere you can't be hurt.

"What about my little brother, he is still there, you have to take me back you have to!!! I can't leave him there!"

Shena (Kim) kept pleading with them to take her home, but they said they couldn't. She started to cry and scream about her brother. At this point Julissa said she knew that at this time of night, and for this long Shena couldn't have been acting.

So she drug out her bible and sprinkled the holy water on Shena. Her friends sat in a circle around her. Now don't think Julissa just had some ritual up her sleeve. She didn't, she placed her rosery in her hand and touched the girl with it, and began to say the Lords Prayer over and over, while telling the spirit to leave. The other people in the room eventually picked up on the words and started saying it along with her.

Shena went into convulsions and started tworking her body in weird positions. Flopping around like a fish is what Julissa said it looked like. Nothing the body couldn't do naturally. But it still looked like it hurt. Her eyes rolled into her head at one point, and then after about 30 minutes of convulsing she stopped and her body laid there still as a stone. She was breathing though. Julissa shook her friend and called the name Shena. When she woke up she didn't know how she had gotten there and or, what had happened. She said the last thing she remembered was looking out the window.

The next day some of Julissa's friends went to the library to get information on the Holly Hall Dorms, and found out that before they were dorms they used to be apartments. At these apartments there had been a double murder and a suicide. Two kids a boy named Stephen and a girl named Kim, were murdered by their father. Who then shot himself. The little boy was suffocated and the girl had been raped and strangled. Reports of child abuse had been reported on the family but there had been nothing done.

Julissa and her friends and Julissa's priest went back to that place, during the day time, and blessed it. Julissa said although she has never been back she wanted to make sure that Kim's spirit and whatever else in the house peacefully moved on.

Scary, but true.