Secret Room

Well, I haven't had any great ghost Xperiences I thought I would share a story of confinement and and ghostly presences. This story is part of a chapter of a book I am attempting to write called 'Nightingale Village.' Here is the story so far.

A boy named Mason Caldwell and his mother, Katrina, have just moved to a small secluded villiage outside of London. Little do they know, the entire village is infested with evil spirits and their new manor is smack in the middle of the portal supplying the village with it's evil manifestations. Mason has just found a doorway behind some tapestries in his room. This is Chapter 3-The Secret Room...

Chapter 3
The Secret Room
I pulled down the tapestry. A wooden door lay plastered to the wall, a small chain kept it closed shut. I opened the lock and slightly pulled the heavy door open. The bottom stuck to the floor, it was useless. I stopped trying and started to walk away. But, suddenly, CREAK, BANG. The door swung open, I turned and fell. Looking at the open doorway, I tried to catch my breath. I caught it as fast as I lost it, A young girl with flowing blonde hair and a small nightgown stood in the doorway. Her cute complexion soon turned to an evil grin, she dissapeared. I walked into the open room, moonlight was shining through the nailed-shut window. A wheelchair sat in the moonlight. It was an old wheelchair, like the kind you see in those horror movies about old haunted asylums that go wheeling dow... oh well any way. The chair left me pondering who sat their. Could it have been the girl? I thought. I would have never known. Suddenly silence, I looked around. a silohuette appeared in the chair. The little girl.
"Sit down." she said. I sat on the windowsill. The door shut leaving an echo in the manor halls. I ran to the door and tried to open it, no dice.
The girl giggled, "You won't be able to open it. Daddy locks me in every night, and doesn't let me out until the dawn comes."
Strange, she had an American southern accent, not common in the UK.
"Oh, I'm famished. Would you like some tea?" She asked, I looked at her strange.
"No, No thank you."
"Ah, you hate me don't you? They all do. Everyone." She started to cry.
"What would you do If I said I did?"
The girl got up and touched me on the wrist, images of a violent past flashed before my eyes, a father who ruled with a fist, a drunken mother, and a ghostly friend, and eventually, a death. the life of the beautiful blonde ended with the end of a rageful father's axe. She brought me out of it. I fell backwards head over heels and straight out of the door. It closed, hitting me in the head, the last thing I saw, the little girl waving to me.

Does he die from a head injury? become comatose? or just pass out and have a strange premonition of an event that could danger his or his mother's life? I will write more. You probably thought it was awful and made no sense, but it's work in progress. Comments?

Well, those who read my 3rd installment of my story wanted a continuation. This part of the story is somewhat like a scene from the movie Gothika, just a little bit different. I also changed the chapters to parts so that I can shorten the story for posting on GhostPlace.

Part 2
The Evil Visage

I awoke to sparks flying in front eyes. A light hunched over my body made me temporarily blind.
"DOCTOR!" a voce shouted from the corner of the room. My mom ran over to me. I couldn't see her face, it was blured. A man was looking into my eyes with a penlight which worsened the blindness.
"His eyes are looking better. I'll give him some more morphine. That should help him sleep. He's blind but only temporarily"
'tell me something I don't know' I said to myself watching the blurry figures converse. The doctor reached over to my IV. I could feel it in my arm. He opened it and let more morphine seep into my system. I fell into a slow sleep. I woke up sometime later. The light was still on. My blindness was gone. My head hurt immensly. Suddenly, another figure hunched over me, blocking the light but still blurry.
"Mom?" I said raspily
"'fraid not, child" The southern accent, the little girl. "Well, you took quite a spill in that attic room, child. Your head must hurt somethin' fierce." She put her hand on my head, it felt cold and clamy. I blinked my eyes and she disappeared. The lights above my head began to flicker, at first it was calm then a violent flicker. The lights went out. A bit of laughter echoed throughout the room. I flipped the covers off of my legs and slowly pulled the IV plug out of my arm. It was painful, but I made sure I didn't scream and alert the doctors. I walked over to the door, my bare feet slapping at the floor tiles. I opened the doors slowly and peered out into the hallway. A nurse and doctor were conversing at the end of the hallway. I snuck out and turned into a stairwell narrowly avoiding a janitor. I heard a giggle. I turned around and the little girl was floating down the stairwell. I followed her. A security camera got my attention. I had to sneak under its blind spot. Suddenly, alarms began blaring. I thought I triggered the camera, but no. It was a fire alarm. Had the ghost of the little girl pulled the fire alarm to alert the doctors that I was attempting escape? She couldn't of. My friend Dan ascended the stairs.
"What are you doin'?" He yelled to me.
"I gotta get out of here. There is something following me." I yelled over the blaring fire alarm.
"Here" He handed me his jacket. We descended the stairs and out into the cool night air.
"Thanks, I have to get back to my house. I have a feeling that my mom may be in trouble."
"What Kind of trouble?" He asked
"I don't know. But that little girl must have something to do with it."
"Little girl? You saw her?" He asked, he seemed startled.
"Yeah, you know about her?"
"Of course. She was killed by her abusive father. They moved her from Alabama in the 1890's when the town was built. He killed her with a hatchet used to chop firewood. She became crippled after a horse buggy accedent. She was just 12 years old. Her father put her in the attic room. He didn't want to look at a cripple. I know how weird this must seem for me to know all this but..."
"But what?" I asked touching his arm. It felt cold.
"I used to be the brother of Samantha. I was killed when I found out what my father did to Samantha."
"But... But... You. You're a ghost?"
"As strange as it is yes. I came here to protect you from Sam. She wants your soul to become alive again."
"I thought you came to visit?"
"Do you think I would wake up my comatose friend at 2:30 in the morning just to say Hi." He laughed.
"So, what do I have to do?" I asked, my voice shaking.
"Go back to the house and get your mom. She may be in danger like you said. But be very careful, Sam might be there and she will try to get you. and your mom."
I ran into the night without saying good bye to Dan. I arrived at my street breathng hard after a long run. The dark silouhette of the manor peered down at me like a black beast ready to swallow me. I ran into the house not knowing what might happen, but knowing anything could go wrong... terribly wrong.

Well, I am wrapping up the 3 part story of the Secret Room. Please leave comments, questions, or thoughts on how the story ends.

Skeletons In Your Closet

I stopped at the gates peering up to the dark shadow that housed us for weeks. The cold night air filled my lungs after a run through the mysterious fog draped over the village. I opened the black gate, it echoed off the hills surrounding the haunted town. The wind blew a soft "Run Away!" in my ear, I waved it as I ventured through the crunching leaves on the walk. The door lay still, beckoning me to enter. I stopped on the doorstep and opened the wooden door. The hallway welcomed me with cold arms, I felt a shiver as the door slammed shut behind me. It wasn't a home, a sanctuary for a hard day at work or school, no. It was a prison. A prison that could lead to mine or my mother's demise. A door slammed upstairs.
"M...Mom!?" I yelled hoping she would open the door and tell me she was cleaning. I hoped that Samantha hadn't reached her in time. My hope came true. The door opened and out emerged my mother.
"Mason? What are you doing back from the hospital?" I smiled.
"I was released. A fire broke out."
"Did it now? Well come on upstairs I'll put you to bed." My mo smiled as she entered the room again. I let a sigh of relief out and ascended the stairs. What had happened to Samantha? had she dissapeared? What happened to Dan? These things ran through my head as I ascended the steps to my bedroom. I entered my room, my mom was busy setting up my dresser with clothes. I threw off the jacket that Dan gave to me and dove into my bed. I turned onto my side and closed my eyes. My mom closed the dresser and walked over to my bed. She kissed my on my cheek and walked towards the door.
"Cover yourself up, you'll catch yourself a chill somethin' awful."
She exited the room, my stomache tied up. I felt sick. I slowly got up from my bed and opened the door. My mother's face peered into the crack.
"You really should get some rest, child." The door slammed into my face. I fell down unconcious.

I awoke in the room in the attic. My hands were bound and my mouth was gagged. I felt my head bleeding from the crack I received when the door hit me. I heared a moan behind me. I spit out the gag and asked who it was.
"Mason?" My mom's voice rang in my ear. It was the only comfort in the dark house.
"Are you ok?" she asked in a quivering voice.
"Yes. My head hurts terribly. I got hit with a door."
"I was attacked by a little gi--" Her voice was interrupted by a female voice.
"What are you two talking about? Little ol' me? Oh. Flattery is a big problem in the society."
"What are you talking about, Samantha?" I asked the visage. "I understand what happened to you. Your father wasn't prepared to care for a girl who had no use of her legs so he killed you. But why do you have to be punished for him."
"You don't know do you?" She asked looking me directly into my eyes.
"Know what?" I was suspicious
"Katrina, you never told him?"
"Told me what Mom?"
"She assisted in my slaying. She tipped the carrage, Isn't that right Katrina."
"You promised you wouldn't tell." My mom was angry. I felt confused.
"This is impossible." I said.
"A cursed the family to eternal life until I settled my vengeance. Now I have the girl who caused my death. Why not settle the dispute."
"What about your father?" I asked her
"I caught up to him as soon as I could. Chopped his head off with the very axe that caused my death to occur. In this very room."
She opened the closet, A dead, headless skeleton fell out of the small confined space. The smell reaked with a weeks worth of rotting flesh. I looked away coming close to vomiting.
"Samantha, How could you kill father!?" My mom said with a surprising Alabama accent.
"I had to. He took away something dear to me."
"Wait, What about Dan?" I asked her.
"I haven't found him yet. But when I do..."
"You'll do what, sister. Throw me in the closet to?" The girl turned around and saw Dan standing in the doorway. she smirked.
"Well Hi Daniel. What a pleasant surprise." I noticed an axe by her side.
"DAN WATCH IT!" He ducked right when she swung at him
"Why you little..." She came at me with the axe. Dan nailed her in the back of the head with the gas cannister he had been carrying.
"b***h!" He knealt down and put the gas cannister next to me. He started to untie my hands.
"I told you to be careful." just then, an axe rose up and hit Dan in the head. He screamed falling to the ground. His body began to deterorate at a quick speed. His screams faded away. A lifeless skeleton lay next to me. I looked at the girl. Her bloody, rage-filled face stared at the skeleton. She threw down the axe and took the ankle of the skeleton.
"The son of a b***h. Assisting my father in that greusome task. He buried my body with no remorse, no sorrow, no proper Christian burial. Disturbing my body with the shovel."
I untied my hands but made it look like I was still tied as not to make Samantha suspicious. I took the gas can and waited.
"Now, for the sister." She said walking over to the axe.
"You won't get away with this." I said.
"Oh," she picked up the bloody axe, "And why not?"
I picked up the gas can and smacked her in the face.
"Because I Hate You." I was makng no sense. My head was spinning. I was dizzy and the crack on my head was throbbing. I picked up the axe and broke my mom's chair.
"Come on, lets get out of here." I grabbed my mom's hand, she wouldn't come.
"I have to stay."
"No buts. If I don't die, She'll keep coming."
"Then we'll keep running. Please. I don't want to lose you." I started to tear up.
"Mas, what I did was wrong. I killed her. I think it's just to kill me. The curse will be broken. You can live on in peace without me. Now, here. Take my lighter and burn this house down. Go."
I started to cry. I hugged my mom and took the lighter.
"I Love You." I spilled gasoline all over the attic floor and out onto the landing. I turned my back and tried to light the lighter. The girl knocked me in the head. I fell to the ground dropping the lighter down into the hallway. She held my hands down.
"You have no right to meddle in my affairs, boy. I will murder you."
"Yeah, Right!" I kicked her over my head and over the balcony. She fell down to the floor and hit it. She lay unconsious and not breathing. I was breathing hard, my knotted stomach rising and falling underneath my hospital gown. I peaked into the attic room, My mom lay on the ground, her breathing was shallow. I raced to her side.
"Mom. Are you ok?"
"I'll be fine. Go and burn the house. hurry." she whispered. I hurried out and down the stairs. Samantha's body lay on the floor motionless. I rushed over and picked up the lighter. I ran back upstairs to the puddle of gasoline. and started the lighter. A sound of metal grinding against hardwood echoed through the house. I turned around. The girl stood their, sobbing quietly, her head was bleeding on all sides. She was weak, I could tell by the way she was holding the axe with two hands like it were a safe she was handcuffed to.
"You'll ruin everything! You Have been NOTHING but a nuisance, boy! Now, you will DIE WITH THAT WITCH!"
"The Lighter went out. I rushed to start it again. She started to run at me dragging the axe behind her. The Lighter started up.
"Burn In HELL!" I threw the lighter into the puddle of gas and jumped over the railing to avoid the explosion. The entire second floor exploded into a ball of flame. The screams of Samantha were heared through the orange hell. The landing collapsed as I attempted to open the door. It finally opened, I ran out from the oven like house into the cold fall air. Smoke began to billow from the collapsed roof. I knew my mom was dead, there was no way to survive that. I raced out of the gates, and stopped to examine the burning wreck from the street. Sirens raced down the road. I collapsed to the curb and started to cry. I could see my breath in the cold. Firemen stopped at the house. It was over.

"3 dead, 2 skeletons in the bedroom closet on in the attic room." A fireman transmitted the call over his radio. Mason sat in the back of an ambulance breathing through an oxygen mask.
"Wait, 3 dead? What about the girl?"
"What girl? You feeling okay kid?" He looked at me bewildered.
"Come on son. That's it." A paramedic put Mason in the back of the Ambulance. A female Paramedic worked next to Mason as he lay down on the stretcher.
"Hey, I'm gonna be ok, right?" Mason asked the paramedic.
"Well, I'm just gonna give you some of this then you'll be right as rain."
A peculiar Alabama accent rang in her voice.
"Just get some rest, child. You'll be as right as rain soon."
Mason's yells echoed through the night as the ambulance drove away.

I know it doesn't end quite right, but that isn't the whole story so. Any questions, comments post them. And thanks for reading.