Shadow II

I just made it under the wire. I wanted to try and contact some friends back home that were on this little roadtrip that night. Talked with two of the five to make things alittle more clear. Well Tammy and myself went back with three more friends and the fun reaaly begins. Just pulling up to the house on this dirt road brought a few wimpers from the backseat of Tammy's Mach I. So you have some idea of how cramped it was in the back seat fitting another guy and two girls (women) I don't want them upset with me. It took a good ten minutes to get everyone out of the car and just stand outside the car. You guy's really didn't go in there did you? asked my friend Royce. Of course we did come on. I said. We didn't even take two steps when one of the girls said "is that a light in that window?! " And sure enough at the very top of the house there was a faint glow. And than something moved fast across the room causing the glow of the light to flicker and dance across the window. Everyone dug their heels in and said they had enough time to go back to the car and leave.. Great I thought this has ended before it can and could get started. So with alot of whinning on my part, and having convenced everyone that it could just be other people checking out the house. Had they been thinking at the time there were no other vehicles around. Lucky for me they over looked this. Well we started up thru the yard. And the closer we got the more tense things seemed. You could hear every breath we took. The door of the house was opened just the same way as it was when Tammy and myself left it a couple nights before. There was a stillness in the air. And once again I pointed out to everyone is it just me or is it really really quiet almost to quiet out here? No one said a word. As we got to the porch a bird or owl shot out the front door everyone screamed and jumped back about three feet. When we decided that it had to be a bird and nothing else we kept on heading to the door. Tammy pushed it open and on came the flash lights. Tammy was already by the wall we saw the shadow swinging by. as she lifted her light and everyone came to stand behind her. There just like the night befor was that shadow but this time it wasn't swinging. It was just there as if someone had just hung themselves or something. When Tammy took away her light we could still see the shadow on the wall. This is really creepy Patty said. Let's go!. Well no sooner had she said that a loud noise came from below us. Like things being thrown around and tossed. The look on everyones face was pure panic. I said gotta be a raccoon or something. The noise stopped. After a few minutes everyone had their courage back next stop the basement. We just got to the door when you could just barely make out music comming from somewhere in the house. But me and Tammy knew that it was comming from only one place. We told the others it's just the wind. And headed down the stairs with me leading the way. It seemed like it was all that the flashlight could do to perice the dark. Whe we all reached the bottom of the stairs. I swung the flashlight around the basement and caught two white glaring eyes looking straight at us. AS it came closer into the light we noticed at once it was a possum. God I really really don"t like those things. Even if it is one of gods creatures. It shot right by us and went up the stairs. we all laughted at how scared we had gotten. It was then that Patty said if that was a possum what the Hell is that?????!!!! We all looked to where she was pointing and saw these intense looking red dots looking right at us. Shine the light more in that area we told Tammy as she did so. It backed further into the shadows in the corner of the basement. As Tammy took a step towards it. It made a growl like nosie. But it didn't quite sound like an animal either. I told Tammy come on lets go. We should check out the second story rooms and leave this be. As soon as Tammy started to back up, it seemed to just vanish into the darkness. When we put our lights up in that direction, there was nothing there just an old wall. And I mean really old wall. It wasn't brick but stone. Stone like you find in a riverbed or something. Well as we made our way up the stairs to the second floor we could hear the music start up again..It was kinda creepy because this time it was like a banjo but yet not as much twang to it. As we made it to the top of the landing a banging noise started up like something hitting a wall with a board or something. Just BANG....BANG.....BANG BANG.... A cold breeze shot threw all of up stand ther in the hall way. We stll walked on. Weither it was the wind or something else all the doors slamed shut all at the same time. It was at this time that Alice was the first to hear crying. Is that someone crying Alice asked ? And sure enough comming from the upstairs attic it sounded like a child crying. The music was getting louder yet just as much unidentifable as ever. When we reached the attice door it started to rattle like when you leave a window open and the wind picks up and pulls against the door making it rattle, like some one trying to get out. I moved in front of Alice and opened the door. Though we all had our flashlights off we saw this little girl bare feet and wild hair standing in a corner. Her eyes were very dark as if see had no eyes what so ever. She just looked straight thru us. We were all froze no one daring to make the first move. It was then that this girl moved across the room of the attic to an old record player looked at the record player and then looked right straight at all of us and smiled and said "He's comming" HHHEEEEE"SSSS CCCOOOOMMMIINGGG" That was all we needed to hear to break what ever spell was holding us all in place. We all bolted down the attic stairs and ran until we got to the second landing. It was than that we heard the steps comming up the stairs more of a shuffling sound slow but steady. We all stood frozen. the foot steps stop as soon as they made it to the top of the stairs. By now you could have blown us all over with a feather. Our nerves were shot. It was all we could do to get out the front door and run to the car. As we all jumped in the car we looked back at the house befor we jumped in and there on the porch in the night light of the sky was an old porch swing hitting the side of the house. And it was not there when we all went in nor was it there the night Tammy and myself first paid a visit to the house....I talked with some friends that was with me on this road trip and they say the house still stands yet there is no information to be found on it ask people in the area and they say there is no such house on that stretch of road. Yeh I'll be getting photo's of this place this dec. when I go back to visit......My friends brought up more stories of our road trips out in the back lands of that area. Some I remembered and some that I had tried to forget. So I will post these other stories on a latter date..........