The Alpha Omega Headlines

Hello everyone, its been a long time since i last posted here!
Hope you all had a good holiday.
Came across a story which i thought i should post here for you all to read.
Hope you enjoy it.

Fifty years ago Savannah went off to college and moved into Alpha Omega sorority house. She had a boyfriend her freshman year, and she loved him dearly. Nothing he could say or do would change that.
One day her friend, Cameron, came back from her mother's. She confessed to Savannah that she was pregnant. When Savannah found out that the father was her boyfriend, and that he wanted to leave town and see neither of them, she was absolutely furious. The next day, neither Savannah or her boyfriend could be found.
Cameron thought this was strange, because she had been there that morning when Cameron had left Alpha Omega. She decided to go back to look for Savannah. When she walked in the door, she was horrified to find Savannah's boyfriend decapitated body lying on the stairs.
Newspapers say that she followed a trail of blood up the rest of the stairs to Savanah's room. When she opened the door, she found a puddle of blood, and when she looked up, she saw Savanah hanging from the ceiling, her boyfriend's head dangling by his hair in her cold bloody fist, both pairs of eyes staring coldly at Cameron.
Cameron was found dead in the hallway of shock, and as it turned out, when they did an autopsy, she wasn't pregnant.

Ten years later, Jaimie lived in Alpha Omega. She mostly kept to herself while the other girls of the house went out. One night while home by herself, something startled her and she fell down the stairs. Some say it was the ghost of Savanah. When the girls returned that night, they found Jaimie's limp body sprawled at the bottom of the steps.

In the seventies, Alpha Omega sorority house saw its worst carnage yet: the all female Satanist cult. They performed sacrificial ceremonies in the dirt basement, and buried the bones there. By Halloween of their freshman year, the girls all sacrificed themselves to their leader.
After smearing their blood all over the house and cursing it, she surrounded herself with gas cans and tied herself to a chair, then somehow lit the gas on fire. When the fire department got there, Alpha Omega had lost half its living room, and all of its kitchen.

By 1980, Alpha Omega was rebuilt but had kept its basement and all its bedrooms and bathrooms. It was reopened to the new freshman of 81'. Rachel was one of those freshman. She called Alpha Omega home her whole college life, until one afternoon her senior year. She had just gotten home from a feminist rights convention. Many men had been there to protest against her speech, but she made them quite jealous when the whole crowd of women favored her. Later that night, she sat in her room studying. She heard a knock on the window. She thought nothing of it, and went back to her studying. No one knows what happened to her, but when she was called down to dinner, one of her friends found a pentagram written in blood on her wall, and found her body laying in a bath full of blood.

The year is 2002. I live in Alpha Omega with six other girls, two freshman like me, two sophomores, and two seniors. I am the odd one who joined our dysfunctional little "family" late. We got along okay. We all picked our own rooms, even though the other girls were already moving in by the time I had been assigned to Alpha Omega. They let me choose my room, and when I stopped in the room I call home now, something told me it was destined to be mine. It was painted a reddish color, and later I would find out there was a reason for this, but for now I thought nothing of it. For some reason it also had new carpet in it, while all the others had the original carpet from the fifties, except the hallway which was recarpeted in the eighties. I shrugged it off and began moving in.


I sat bolt upright in bed, my heart racing. I threw off the covers and ran to my friend's room in the basement. I bolted down the stairs and stopped dead at the bottom of them. My friend was sitting petrified with fear on her bed, as white as a ghost. I looked to where she was gaping and saw a skeleton of some animal backed into the corner growling at another skeleton of some animal. I rubbed my eyes, and couldn't believe it. After letting her sleep in my room with me, we were fine for about a week.

Then dishes began disshelving themselves. Doors decided to close in our faces, and the showers turned themselves on and off.
Finally one night I lay awake to see what would happen next. I heard a thumping noise, then the muffled yell of a man. My door opened, and I watched in horror as a ghost dragged a chair with a rope into the bedroom. I tried to cry out but couldn't.

She left the room again, and came back with a severed head, and hung the rope from the ceiling, then stood on the chair and put it around her neck. She grasped the head in her hand, then kicked the chair out from under her. I watched in horror as she suffocated. I tried to see if I was sleeping, but I was wide awake.

I finally walked downstairs to get a glass of water, and while I was getting it, another ghost appeared on the stairs.

She looked down at me, her face twisting in horror, then she fell to her death at the bottom of the stairs.

I turned around to find another ghost smearing blood on the walls, and then tying herself to a chair, then torching a pile of gas cans. I fled from the kitchen back up to my room. I laid back in bed, and sighed.
Then, a girl appeared sitting at a desk reading. I heard a tap on the window, and then a few minutes later, someone burst through the window, slaughtered the girl and took her to the bathroom. He wrote a pentagram on the wall in her blood and then fled.

My curiosity and fear was taking over, and I went into the bathroom. What I saw was horrifying.

The girl lay naked in the bathtub full of her own blood. I screamed.

I ran to where I am right now, sitting her writing this. Oh god, its beginning to start again. She is going to hang herself. I can't take this anymore, this is driving me insane!!!!

Well, good bye.

This is going to stop it.

November 1st 2002
"Last night a young girl by the name of Jenny Wilson was found dead outside her second story bedroom window of Alpha Omega sorority house. Police are still trying to determine whether it was murder or suicide......."