The Center Gargoyle

Hey there ghost buddies. This is an exert of one of the stories that will appear in my book, 101 Ghost Stories. I need the feedback, so feel free! Thanks, and enjoy! Most of the stories that will appear in the book have been writen by me. Here is one of them...but only a taste!


The studio apartment that I had moved into was a steal! I couldn't figure out why it had been advertised for so cheap! But living in New York, and finding a decent place to live in an acceptable neighborhood was equivalent to finding a herd of flying pigs! So, I jumped at opportunity. When the realtor showed the place to me, I couldn't help but squeal with excitement when I saw the place. It was absolutely gorgeous! The ceilings had that decorative plaster moldings, and the baseboards matched the deco. There was enough room in the place for me to ride my ten speed bike around in it! The loft was incredible, and it gave me a fantastic view of the city. The windows were huge, and the balcony stretched the length of the apartment.
"Well, what do you think?" the realtor asked me.
"I love it! I just can't believe it was available, and for such a low price!" I gushed. Then I got a weird feeling.
"What?" the realtor asked me. She had obviously seen the look on my face.
"Why is this place so cheap? Somebody die in here? Was there a murder? Oh God, is this place haunted?" I asked. The realtor looked at me with a confused look on her face. Her perfect blonde hair, and make-uped porcelain face gave me a blank expression, then she gave me a little nervous laugh, and tossed a strand of sculpted blonde hair out of her face with a very theatrical jerk of her head.
"Oh heavens, I thought you were serious for a moment." she laughed. I laughed and then said, "Seriously, what's the deal, is this place creeped-out or what?"
The realtor cleared her throat and sniffed, her Hollywood style teeth disappearing when her mouth took on a scowling expression, not unlike that of a mother about to scold her child.
"Most adults don't fear such things, but to my knowledge, I believe this place was advertised at such a thrifty price because the owner needed a tax break." she explained. I cocked an eyebrow.
"Is that so?"
I walked around and looked in the kitchen and the bathroom, and even without the realtor explaining every nook and cranny to me, and going on and on about the Italian tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, and the Peruvian carpet in the loft, and the high vaulted ceiling, it was way above my expectations, and I was sold. I closed the deal with the realtor, and planned to move in that following Monday.
Monday evening, about 6:45pm, my friend, Taylor and I were standing out on the balcony, and looking out over the city.
"This place rocks!" Taylor said, leaning on the black rod iron railing that enclosed the balcony. Her long, red, curly hair blew over her shoulders and she took a sip from the can of cola I had handed her.
"Can you imagine the parties!" I laughed.
"Way ahead of you!" Taylor said. I knew there was more to that than just a mere statement.
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"This weekend, my lucky lil chica, you and me are gonna host one helluva get together, and guess who I invited!" Taylor said, headbanging to some unheard tune.
"No!" I shouted
"Yes!" Taylor replied.
"NO WAY!" I shouted again.
"WAY!" Taylor screamed, and then took a bow.
"I can't believe this! You are the coolest friend!" I said.
"Yes, yes, thank you very much! And when your major crush, Terry Madison, walks through your studio apartment elevator doors, and sees what a bitchin' crib you have, he won't want to leave!" Taylor said.
We spent the better part of the week sprucing the apartment up. We even bought white Christmas lights and strung them around the house to give the apartment that 'club' flavor for the party that coming weekend. By Thursday, the apartment didn't just look well put together, it looked marvelous! I felt like I was the luckiest woman in New York. But also very tired. Taylor and I had worked so hard on the place, and now we were both bushed.
Taylor went home about 9:30pm Thursday night, and though I was beat, I was so pumped about the weekend, and Terry coming over that I couldn't even shut my eyes. I laid my bed in the loft for a while, but just couldn't get to sleep. I went downstairs to the kitchen, and grabbed a half pint of Ben and Jerry's icecream, picked up the romance novel I had been reading, and made myself comfortable in the hammock that Taylor and I had set up in the corner of the living room area. I must have been sleepier than I thought I was, because the next thing I knew, there was a horrid crash, and I was falling out of the hammock and slamming onto the hardwood floor. The french doors that led to the balcony were wide open, and the frostiest wind I believe I had ever felt in my life was blasting in. I ran over and stopped short of closing the doors. Why did I have the feeling someone was out there? I had so much of a vibe going, that I felt my skin bubble up with chills. Casting all gut feelings aside, I walked out onto the balcony, and looked. Nothing.
It took me a few more seconds to convince myself that there was nothing on the balcony, and that even though it was in the middle of May, there were some days that were sort of chilly for New York. When I realized how ridiculous I was acting, I noticed that the whole front of my robe, and sleep shirt were drenched in unfrozen ice cream. I cursed, and just before I turned around to go inside, I looked up. That was when I saw them, and with the sight of them, came a wake up call for a good portion of New York with the released of my scream.
Once I had gotten over the initial fright of them, I realized what I was looking at. Gargoyles. Seven in all, all of them across the top of the french doors, and all of them uniform, except one. The one in the center really creeped me out. It looked real. The other six looked like stone, and were porous. But the one in the center was smooth black, like a black pearl, its legs bent up to its chest, and I could see that the tips of it's folded wings were flittering in the wind. Or was that just my imagination?
"No wonder this place was so cheap!" I said to the lot of them, and went inside to clean up.
Saturday night saw my house jam packed with the guests that Taylor and I had invited, plus some that we didn't invite. One being Taylor sister, Morgan. Morgan was cool if she was sober, but she had more than an affinity for liquor, and when she was drunk, she was an embarrassment to the human race! The good thing Taylor and I had going for us, was that it took a lot of alcohol to get Morgan wasted, and she was only on her forth beer, so we were still in the clear.
Terry had been making eye contact with me all night, and finally he had stopped over to say hello, and tell me what a great place I had. I knew I was blushing! He looked fantastic, and he smelled positively delicious! We made small talk, and finally, I asked him if he wanted to go out on the balcony. He accepted my offer, and while we talked animatedly to each other, I started to get the feeling that I was being watched. I looked over my shoulder and saw my apartment, crowded with people. I mentally shrugged it off, and focused on Terry.
"I knew you were friends with Taylor, but I didn't know how to get in touch with you." Terry was saying, "And I didn't want to come off as too forward, so I never asked for you number or anything." Terry said.
"You were looking for me?" I asked calmly, but inside I was just about to swoon!
"Yeah, I saw you at the club with Taylor and Morgan a few times."
"You noticed me?" I asked, giving him a flirty smile. Terry smiled back, and walked around in front of me, with his back to the french doors.
"I think there is a mutual attraction between us." Terry said, and smiled a little more. At that very moment, I just happened to look up, and there were those seven gargoyles, but the one in the center had changed positions. It was perched with its arms open, and its wings spread out behind it.
"Oh hell no!" I said.
"Well, perhaps I gave myself too much credit there. Sorry about that." Terry said, and started to leave.
"No no! Not you! Look!" I said, pointing to the gargoyles.
"Um...those would be stone gargoyles." Terry said.
"Oh, but you don't understand. The one in the center was in a different position before." I said. Terry gave me a look of confusion, and then he sighed and looked at me like he was sad.
"It's sort of chilly out here. Think I'm gonna go grab a brewskie." Terry said.
"Oh wait! Please!" I begged.
"You need anything? A jacket? A drink? Name of a good shrink?" he said.
"Please be playing with me, I'm not crazy." I pleaded. Terry stood there looking at me for a moment, then he cracked up and started laughing. I dropped my shoulders with relief, and explained to him what had happened Thursday night. He listened, and glanced up at the gargoyles now and then, and when I had finished, he just said, "Wow."
When I had first begun telling the whole tale, Taylor had walked out onto the balcony, and had heard the majority of it.
"We'll talk about this later, right now, I need your keys, I gotta drop something off." Taylor said, pointing over her shoulder to her drunken sister, Morgan. But just as she was explaining how profusely drunk Morgan was, she staggered right out onto the balcony, and nearly fell on Terry. Fortunately he was able to hold her up, and keep his balance.
"Boy! You're a strong'un, aren'tcha!" Morgan slurred, "Ju wanna go ta my place, buby?" She giggled. When Terry steadied Morgan and stood her up, she stumbled back into the railing, and feel on her butt, and sat right down between Terry and me.
"Come on Morgan, you need to go home." Taylor said, and she looked more than pissed. When Morgan looked up, she was about to say something nasty, but then her face changed and she said, "Oooooh look at those little creeps!" and pointed to the gargoyles over the french doors. We all looked up at them, and then Morgan spoke again.
"Those gotta be the uglies' lil mutha fu..." she began, but Taylor cut her off.
"OKAY! Come on Morgan!"
Terry helped Taylor get Morgan to her feet, and just as they were helping her back into the apartment, Morgan shouted.
No one else knew what she was talking about, but Terry and Taylor looked over at me with wide eyes, and shocked expressions.
For weeks I checked on that gargoyle that sat in the middle of the other six, and everytime I checked, he was still in the same position. Arms spread out, wings spread out behind him. I began to doubt what I had seen the night the french doors had blown open. Had that center gargoyle been sitting down? Had his wings been folded? Perhaps I had just been half asleep.

If it looks like a ghost, and it scares like a ghost, then dangit, it's a ghost!!!