The Elmer House- Fictional story

Ok, this story is fictional, in fact I just wrote it. Sorry if there grammer mistakes in some spots, I'm kinda wooooooo right now because it's almost 2 in the morning. Anyhow, enjoy.

The house had been abandoned for over thirty years. As in all small towns, rumors started to circulate, worming their way into the ears of the small children. Once implanted into those impressionable young brains, the rumors would fester and spread, morphing into something else completely. It was not long before these new mutated rumors would be passed around on the playground, planting themselves in more minds. It was not long before every child in the school had a version of their own. By the end of their school years in that town, the house was shabbier and more daunting then ever.

I was one of these children. I also happened to be one of the more people who continued to believe all the stories as I grew. Most of them disregarded them as mere lore, and they turned to distant memory. But I and a handful of others, believed. As if by some outside force, we found each other, became friends and found out the things that we had in common.

It was the night after our senior graduation from high school, the idea we had always had finally became reality. Drunk on our views that we were finally adults, we figured we should do something to christen our crossing over. And what better then taking a visit to Elmer house. The Elmer house aged in an un-owned field of weeds. It had been built back in the 1880's by the founder of our small town. Built in fire red brick, that was now beginning to chip and corrode with age. It had six boarded up windows facing the street, staring blankly. Walking behind the wide two story house there was a large bay window on the bottom, a back door leading into the house and three windows that were most likely rooms on the upper level.

An old path that was starting to grow over with weeds led up to the house. It had the look of not being traveled for many years. My four friends and I stopped the car on the shoulder of the road. Tina, a short, dark blonde haired, blue eyed girl and also our chauffer, was the first to step out of the car and begin walking towards The Elmer house. The four of us followed after her slowly. Our small group included Parker, red haired and Tina's current lover; Ashley, ultra-tall, bleach blonde; Gina, small and dark haired with bright blue eyes. Then there was me, Michelle, short, corn silk blonde, and 'cute'. A word which I believe should be stricken from the English language.

Parker hurried to catch up to Tina, while Ashley, Gina and I hung back.
"So, anybody else agree with me this just isn't smart?" If no one else felt like talking, I felt it in my rights to disturb the heavy silence.
"No, Michelle, nobody agrees with you" Did I mention Gina was very sarcastic? She was the sarcasm queen, she wielded her weapon with merciless cruelty.

"Tina thinks she is soooo cool. 'Look at me, I have a boyfriend and I'm Tina and everyone should treat me like a little princess'" Ashley was what you would call... well it rhymes with witch. Tina had never been anything but sweet to everyone. Ashley just seemed to carry some unmitigated rage on her. Her face as usual was set in a heavy scowl. She stopped where she was walking and shook her blonde locks. "There is no way I am going in there, sure I believe some of the stories, but I am not going in there. This was a stupid idea, let's go. And even if you guys go, I'm staying back." Ah yes, Ashley was also very moody. Her whims changed at a moments notice, it was hard to get along with her.

"Well, then don't go Ashley, nobody is forcing you to go." Whereas Tina was sweet, Gina was anything but. She was blunt as blunt could get. She shook her head and continued to walk along the path up to the house.

I turned around and shrugged at Ashley slightly, personally I was dying to go inside the house. I caught up with Gina, who had caught up with Tina. Parker, Tina, Gina and I walked in a row, and of course, it was not long before Ashley was walking with us. We didn't even bother trying the boarded up front door, we just headed around to the back door. Sure it was boarded up but it was probably loose. It always was in the movies. Probably not the way to live your life but oh well.

Lucky for us the back door wasn't boarded up to heavily and we were able to get inside without to much trouble. The back door led into a red and white tiled kitchen. I mean everything was red and white tiles, floor, parts of the cabinets, the sink, countertop, top of the table. The walls had red and white checkerboard wallpaper peeling from them. It was a rather dizzying place to walk into. It was probably a dumb idea to go walking into the 'spooky house' at night. Luckily we had all brought our flashlights. We shined them around the kitchen not really seeing anything of great interest.

"C'mon, let's check out what's through there." Parker pointed to a swinging door on the left side of the kitchen. He was the first to walk through the door, and into the first room where we first felt something amiss. I think it was Ashley who first saw it, and then gave a loud gasping yelp.

We had entered the dining room of The Elmer house. On the wall directly opposite of where we entered, the wall was dripping a dark substance. It oozed down the flowered wallpaper in great gobs, slowly making its way to the floor. I shined my flashlight at it, and in near unison, 4 other beams of light joined my own. I walked towards it transfixed, my footsteps carrying my ever closer. Although I couldn't explain it, I tried to convince my terrified brain that it was nothing. I stopped about two feet away from the oozing wall, shaking my head slightly.

"Hey, at least it's not blood. I don't know what the heck it is, but at least it's not blood. Let's get out of this room." I glanced over at the three at the other end of the room. Three? There should be four. "You guys where's Gina?" I walked over to them, and ducked my head into the kitchen... no Gina.

"She probably went back out, like a sane person." This from Ashley. "Like the rest of us should be doing" She sighed and waited for someone else to lead the way. Apparently I was one the granted with that gift. I head towards the open arch that led into what looked like a parlor. The bay window as on the far left of the parlor, looking out into the woods behind the house. White sheet covered furniture dotted the room, which probably matched the beige walls.

The seat in the bay window was covered with decaying gold velvet looking cloth.
I noticed Tina looking closely at the clouded bay window, tilted her head slightly.

Without warning she screamed loudly, backpedaling into Parker. I glanced around in confusion, as Tina's scream devolved into whimpers and finally silence. The poor girl was shaking in terror as she clung to Parker like a life saver. Naturally Tina's terror was infectious enough to have driven Ashley into a fit.

"Let's go, holy crap let's go, I don't know what she's screaming about but holy crap, C'mon Michelle let's go, c'mon, I don't want to stay." I shook my head, oddly frustrated at her.

"Ashley, just cram would you? Tina is freaking scared out of her mind for some reason and you're thinking of yourself, so please cram it." I was known for having a short fuse. So maybe I wasn't just oddly frustrated at her. I turned my attention to Tina and Parker, raising my eyebrows. "Tina, breathe, calm down Tina, just calm down." She looked over at me with terror filled eyes; I didn't want to know what was scaring her.

She frantically pointed to the window seat, but didn't bother to actually explain what she had seen. Her dark hair quivered as she shook in her terror. She gripped tightly at Parker's shoulder, still shaking her head. Once again, her eyes turned wide with terror, and her mouth opened in a blood curdling scream. I whipped around, my own shriek flying up after hers.

And tonight, our special is a slow roasted Shelling, basted with sweat. She is served with a side of metal earings and clothes. That's the real reason why we don't have centeral air, they plan to pass me off as an exotic dish!