The Ouija Board (fictive tale)

Note: I am not an advocate of anyone using the Ouija Board or trying to get the attention on the use of an Ouija Board. It is merely part of a story I wanted to tell with the paranormal and spiritual being part of it. I wish the reader a safe read and an enjoyable one:

Suburban streets and a hose watering the grass, this could be any place in America, where young people have time lots of time to think and make something out of themselves, but for Peter, Daniel and Mary, sparetime was scare time, and the more laughs the better the sensataion of being "bad" real bad. This all happend a few weeks before Valentines Day and it involved an Ouija Board, 6 candles and an empty room with no parents, only kids in their teens. Peter was the oldest, but the others had not yet passed 16. They still believed that getting into trouble was ?the day and getting out of it the other ? oh they were so carefree; and would only laugh if told to behave. "Yeah, yeah" they said and Mary was the worst, cause she would talk anyone back if she felt like it. Mary was only 14 and had a boyfriend who drove a car and smoked cigarettes. His age she wouldn't tell - but he looked more adult for everytime the others caught a glimpse of him and Mary in the streets outside of the house of the Hensons. Once she had left a letter open and Peter had been the first to read it, Daniel soon followed up "we shouldn't be doing this!" "I know" Peter said "But she could be in danger" and sure enough this love was for real. The boy wanted to marry her one day. "Your love is strong. I need you by my side; and one day "for-ever" and till death do us part..." it said in the letter. Mary came in and was shocked, but for some reason she was glad they found out and she told them about her concerns. Peter and Daniel listend and made her come to a clearer understanding - you are young, you have lots of time.

The Ouija Board used to belong to some old deceased man of welsh heritage. He had been a loner, never married and seldom spoke of anything than the weather of how much mankind had learned from nature religions or mystics like Blatvasky or Cayce. His eyes glowed for each conversation and when he died, he left this peculiar device behind and it was decided, it should be kept in the attic of the Hensons house until a new decision was made. Soon everyone forgot about the Board, but not Mary she kept talking and talking about how to get a hold of it and use it. "Just for fun? But these things are dangerous Mary!" was Peters first reply. "I know, we can be careful" she said and her heart was pounding aloud. "We can let Danny decide" and they both turned towards the short boy. His dark eyes revealed his interest and his dark hair matched his brown skin. He was silent until he said "we need a fourth one, a girl..." and he asked Mary if she would bring a friend. "Sure, I mean of course" she said and they agreed to meet again and to try this board. Finding a fourth wasn`t as hard as they might have feared and she was easy to get along with and had tried an Ouija Board once, but with no luck as she stated. Her blond hair revealed, she was of a european-scandinavian heritage; and her presence was a calming one to the other three, but she was young and fun when she told stories about ghost chasing in the middle of the night only to find out you had gotten more excersise than find ghosts. But when they talked about the Ouija Board it seemed to be she underplayed her role and often did she cast her eyes down as to hide them and this Daniel didn´t like at all. It was uncalming. Did she know anything? Was she afraid and hiding? And then the day had come, to try this old mans tool for communicating with the spirits. They had to be alone and they sat in a room with the candles lit and all. The evening was a pleasant experience of no wind outside and only a clear evening sky, and inside the board had gotten all the attention of Peter, Daniel, Mary and Cindy.
"Should we pray to God before we start?" said Mary. Silence. Peter got red in his face and agitated. "Pray to God. Why?" and he looked around searching his friends eyes for an answer. "Lets just keep silent then" said Daniel. Cindy took Marys hand and squeezed it hard, and Peter he closed his eyes for the moment. The communication was going no where. An air of emptiness was found in the room and an air of materialism covered the crust of the young souls. Popcorn-playstation and even images of bikinis on the bodies of young women kept distracting Peter, and he finally gave in. "Lets pray to God" his exhausted voice uttered ending in a sigh of relief. Their hands joined in a simple prayer and a shivering started inside Cindys body, she asked the name of any spirit present and in a sudden jerk a "yes" appeared on the board and then a T an o b i a s as the name. Mary stared as this took place before her eyes.
The concentration level had gone up. "Tobias, are you dead?" and the arrow hit a yes and then the number 1 and zero, as if to indicate a date. "10 years ago?" was Marys question and the answer was yes. Peter kept looking down on the board, but as the conversation went on he started looking at Daniel, he hadn´t said a word since the whole seance started and he seemed with no emotion at all, just carved out of rock or granit. A stone face. The questions seemed to be getting odd replies, and some even contradictive. He had died 10 years ago in 1995.
He was christian, yet he was cremated, then later he said he was a catholic. It bacame obvious to Peter that something fishy was going on, and that the Ouija Board was being tampered with also it was obvious that Daniel was having no fun or showing any sign of emotion here. "Daniel, you ask a question now?" and Peter urged him on "Go on".
Daniel shoke and refused, he said he needed a break and left the board.
The girls looked away. "Daniel, I cannot believe you, so how long would you want us to pretend?" came Marys argumentative voice. Daniel walked around. "How long?" she repeated. "I´m sorry" he said. Cindy was still at the board. "Say something Peter" he begged his friend. "No, I`m not going to help you Daniel- this time you defend yourself." and his friend sounded very angry. "Mary, I´m sorry" he said. "Again?" "Okay, Daniel were you sorry last time at the cemetary, and the time before at the lake. You nearly had me drowned then?!" "come on, Daniel grow up" she said. "You change everytime we do this" and she looked into his sad eyes. "I was afraid, okay" and he almost looked as if he was going to start to cry out aloud, but restrained himself emotionally. "Danny, then say so before and don´t go with us if you don´t want to" was Marys last words before a scream hit the celling and Cindy was calling "it moved, it moved" and "it wrote the name..." and she screamed until she was commanded to stop. The board had spelled T... o... b... i... a... s and the marker rested at s, before it was taken away and put back on the attic. Only Cindy had seen it, how it had moved. Daniel he later swore that the name had spelled itself and that afterwards he had manipulated with the board and acted out as if he was the spirit. Peter had gotten tired of it all. Mary later became a well-known psychic and was interviewed in several magazines; even "Timelife" and on the Valentines Day of that year she had gotten a lovely card from her boyfriend in which he concluded his love letter with these words in red ink:

"but without your love, it means nothing."