The shortcut(Completed)

Becca had a promising career at a prestigious marketing firm. The position was an excellent opportunity, that paid very welll with great benefits. It was perfect, except for the long commute she had to make everyday. It was an hour drive one way. She had been late three times in the past two weeks and her boss was threatening to write her up.

A co-worker suggested that she start taking a shortcut that would cut at least tweny minutes off of her commute time. Desperate to keep her job and anxious to cut about forty minutes off her total drive time, she wrote down the directions. As she looked at them, she realized that she knew this road and wondered why she hadn't thought about taking this shortcut before.

"Because, it's haunted that's why!!!" said her boyfriend, Jerrod, who was standing with the fridge door open. "You almost made me drop my milk." He added before he slammed the door and walked over to the kitchen counter. He sat down opposdite Becca who was at the stove cooking dinner.

"That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. You know you'd never know you graduated from college saying some ridiculous crap like that." Becca continued to prepare dinner as Jerrod enlightened her on the legend of her new shortcut.

"Don't you remeber all those sightins of that thing?" he said with so much passion on the subject that Becca dared not poke fun, instead she stared at him intently pretending to listen to his every word. "They,ve had a number of unexplained accidents with all those people driving off the road. And you saw that car that looked like the driver's side had been ramed by something...Oh!Oh!And what about the lady who said she saw something chasing her car. Her car cut off and-"

"And , I'm driving a brand new car." Becca interuppted having listened to all of the "haunted woods" talk she could stand. She continued, "All of that stuff can be logically explained away." Her boyufriend shot her a dirty look, but listened as she continued, "Besides isn't only the wooded part supposed to be "haunted"?" her boyfriend nodded not liking where this conversation was going. "Good then I'll just drive that Mustang as fast as it will go thru that particular part and everything will be fine." She added a big smile at the end of her statement that prompted Jerrod to roll his eyes and stand up to leave the room.

"You think you know everything. Well, don't come crying to me when that thing gets at you." Jerrod said before he left the room, thus ending their conversation on the "haunted shortcut."

The next morning, Becca left home at her usual time. She wasn't exactly sure where she was going or how long it would take and if the shortcut did get her to work twenty minutes earlier today, then it was better than being twenty minutes late. It was so early the the sun had not comepletely risen, and for that reason there weren't many cars on the road. In fact Becca hadn't seen another car on the road the yet. "This is great." She thought, "I am going to make great time." She continued cruising at a moderate speed. There couldn't possibly be any state troopers hiding on this narrow road. There were no houses on this road, just mile after mile of cotton fields and the occasional tobacco barn. Becca had been driving for about fifteen minutes and she knew she was coming up on the wooded area that Jerrod had warned her about . She laughed outloud as she thought about stupid things he'd said.

She knew he was still at home and decided to call and pick with him before he left for work. She dialed home on her cell phone and connected her headset so that she could keep both hands on the wheel. Jerrod answered, still a little groggy from sleep, and as soon as Becca was sure he was awake she laid into him with any and all jokes that she could make about going through the "haunted woods." She was still talking to Jerrod as she came up on woods. She looked out over the field that lay adjacent to the wooded area and for a second she thought she saw someone standing on the backside of the field. It was moving quickly...far to quickly too be a person and the legs they weren't moving. Whatever it was...was gliding or floating rapidly towards the street. Before she could adjust her eyes on the thing she was inside the wooded area, as she started to tell Jerrod what she had just witnessed her cell phone started breaking up. She looked down at her phone...full bars. What is going on she thought as her call with Jerrod was dropped. Damn. She looked out the passengerside window, into the the trees and for a second she could swear she saw something moving thru the brush. "What is that?" she thought shifting her eyes back and forth from the road to the trees.

She did see something! Moving swiftly thru the trees and it was getting closer to the road but how. Becca was a woman of science and logic and that part of her mind had to know if her eyes were playing tricks on her, so she slowed down almost a complete stop and glared out into the woods. It was still coming...something she's never seen before. It had human form from the waist up but it was definitely not human. It had no legs just some kind of floating black mist and as it grew closer Becca saw a smile literally extending from one ear to the other exposing pointed teeth that looked like spikes extending from what seemed to be bleeding gums...It was getting too close too fast. To Becca's horror the thing seemed to be closing in on her at an alarming rate.

The rational side of Becca's brain shut down and fear took over and forced her to push the petal to the floor. She tried to gather her thoughts on what she had just seen, when all of a sudden something slammed into her driver's side door with so much force that she lost control of the car for a moment. She quickly gained control of the car and turned to see what had pushed her damn near off the road. She was hoping for a deer, but what she got was that same thing she had just seen in the woods only this time it was directly on the other side of the glass glaring at her...grinning a sinister almost demonic grin. She was terrified and her screams told the thing just how afraid she was. But she stared at it...unable to take her eyes off it. She could feel her car veering off to the right and onto the uneven shoulder, which made the car shake. Her heart nearly stopped beating as the thing growled a giggle from it's belly that disturbed Becca's being at its core.

"GOD HELP ME" Becca screamed as she pulled her car back onto the road. Her Phone rang and in her headset she could hear Jerrod asking her why she hung up. "HELP MEEE!!! SOMETHING'S OUT HERE!!! IT'S TRYING TO KILL....Hello? Jerrod....HELLOOOO!!!" Becca screamed into the headset as her phone again dropped her call. There are no words to describe the true despair that was rushing over Becca. Her car swerved back and forth violently...she struggled to keep control of the car. Fear caused her head to throb as she noticed that it felt like someone was pushing the backend of her car on the driver's side.

Then as quickly as it had began...the episode stopped. She scanned her mirrors for a sign of the creature, but it was gone. The road was empty...and quiet...too quiet. Becca, fully in control of the car now, frantically searched the woods with her eyes. Trees ran together like colors in a bad dream and she couldn't get mind to stop racing...where was that thing?

She took a deep breathe. It was over. She had about five miles to go before she was in the clear; she was sure she was safe now. But Becca's deep breathe was inhale too quickly...she glanced in her rearview mirror and there IT the road behind, closing in fast. IT's glide was effortless as it raced up to her back bumper. Becca screamed as she again push the gas as hard as she could, but the car seemed to be getting slower...and slower...and slower. The car was stopping, even though she had the petal to the floor...and then it stopped but the tires were still spinning. The engine revved as she continued to give the car more and more gas. She reluctantly looked into her rearview mirror only to see the creature holding her car with an invisible hand.

Again she heard the laughter, and her soul cried at the thought of her life being ended by somethng she had taken for a joke. Becca's fear turned to frustration and frustration instanly turned to rage. This thing was NOT going to win. Becca took her foot off the gas and slammed it onto the brakes. The car seemed to be released from it's invisible grip and as soon she felt the release, she hit the gas again and pushed the car as fast as it would go.

She could see sunlgiht on road ahead and her rage started to give way to hope and then relief... she had made it. In her premature celebration she started to let up on the gas, but she was still moving at an unsafe speed for such narrow road.

Then she smelled what seemed to be the rottening flesh of an animal coming from her backseat...and the laughter... that nerve shattering laughter accompanied it...and it was right behind her. She quickly looked over her shoulder into her back seat and there IT was. The flesh was falling off this thing right before her eyes and maggots were crawling out of what must have once served as a chest. The eyes were sunken in and the sockets glowed red as it climbed over the backseat just enough to grabbed the wheel and turn it hard to the the left.

Becca pushed hard on the brakes hoping to prevent the car from crashing off the road and into the woods. "GOD HELP ME!!!" Becca screamed as the car began to spin out of control. Becca closed her eyes as she felt the car spin out two more time before it came to a complete stop.

The smell was gone and Becca sat there trembling and screaming. Her eyes still closed and she was still screaming at the top of her lungs. She reluctantly opened her eyes to the glowing rays sunlight on her hood. The car had stopped facing the heavily shaded woods only a couple of feet away and there IT was. To Becca's abosolute horror and disbelief; it was standing just inside the shadows, smiling that sinister smile. Becca stared pertrified...her heart about to pound out of her chest. IT glided back and forth across the street as though it were deciding wether to come after her or not. Then it glided backwords deeper into the shawdows and disappeared.

The dreadful morning silence was broken by sounds of Jerrod screaming her name into the headset. Becca turned her car around and sped off down the road. She refused to look into her rearview mirror until she the safety of her company's parking garage.

She saw the co-worker, who had given her the directions, getting out of his car as she pulled up. As she got out of her car he said, "I see the shortcut worked. You're almost 30 minutes early."