The "Stalker"

The title is really corny, but I couldn't think of any other way to describe this thing...

It started at the being of the month when I took these two girls I baby-sit to a "Haunted" house. The old house had been on the market for years and no one has bought or come to look at it, while walking up the mile long driveway the girls reported to all of the strange happenings that have gone on such as: "Dead" bodies floating around, an old man that walks up and down the driveway, nobody ever coming to view it, and people walking up the driveway to get a scare at night. I doubted what they said after all eleven and seven year olds tend to bend the truth, when the oldest suddenly stops in her tracks and turns:

"Did you hear that?!" she demanded looking around with wild eyes. "It sounded like a dog collar jingling!"

"It was probably your nerves or a bug," I reply walking past her. "Maybe there's a stray dog walking around?"

She rushed to catch up with me: "I think we should turn back, I'm scared!"

"Me too!" the youngest piped up looking around nervously.

"Alright," I follow them down the narrow weaving driveway and back on to the main road.

We walked a mile to get back to their house were I tried to clam them down by letting them bake a cake for their parents.

"Miss K I want to try again," the oldest says after we pull the cake out of the oven. "I want to see the house myself!"

The youngest squirmed in her seat: "I don't want to see dead bodies!"

"There's no such thing," I lied looking her right in the eye. "People make that stuff up to scare little children like you! If we go we can pick blackberries on the way back!"

Her face lit up like a light bulb at the thought of the sour wild berries she quickly put on her shoes and rushed out of the door before the oldest and I had even finished cleaning up. We rushed after her down the hard road to the dirt road and up the driveway again. As we walked I felt goosebumps rise on my arms.

'Its nerves,' I thought trying to shake off the "Being watched" feeling. 'The girls scared me, and I haven't run around in the woods since I was ten!'

We arrived at the house and got a good look at it, it wasn't much a decrepit old two story shack, and it wasn't surprising that someone would think they saw "Dead Bodies" floating around.

"Okay I saw it let's go!" the oldest said grabbing my arm and dragging me down the driveway towards the safety of the road...or so we thought...

A week later we totally dropped the subject, their mother forbade us to go near that house and we decided it was best forgotten, that was until my friend from Maryland called...I took refuge in my room from my parents prying ears and eyes, their always looking for an excuse to embarrass me around him. I lay on my back pretty listening intently to what he was saying, the room was comfortably warm with two fans going and me wearing flannel pajama bottoms it came as quite a shock when the temperature suddenly dropped. I shuddered thinking the AC must have kicked on without me realizing it.

"I must be having a cold flash!" I tell my friend jokingly as I nearly drop the phone trying to get under the heavy quilt on my bed.

He resumes talking after making sure I was okay, while he talked I glanced at my stereo to see what track on this CD I was listening to was playing, one glance and I was sitting bolt right. Resting on top of my stereo is a VERY secured cork board with VERY secured items tacked on it. Before I start my stereo up I always push the tacks in so the papers wouldn't fall and get mixed up with the trash that littered my room. In a blink of an eye a secured stuffed frog head had fallen to the floor and rolled across the room, for a moment I thought the string had somehow broke so I got off the bed to check on it, I flipped it backwards and there was the small string still sown into the frogs fat head...and still intact...the string is tiny it was close to impossible for me to get it on the tack in the first place...I dropped it and ran out of the room while my friend laughed about Poltergeists.

Later that night around 1AM my parents ordered me to get off the phone, I told them to hang on a second so I could tell my friend "Good Night".

"No you get off now!"

"I'm not just hanging up on him!" I yelled back.

"K, don't fight them!" my friend begged. "Just hang up the phone!"

I did as he told me too and put the phone back on the cradle.

"You're grounded," my mom announced.

"WHAT?!" I screamed. "I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!"

"You didn't get off the phone when I told you too, your grounded off the internet until further notice!"

Fuming I stormed up to my room and slammed the door as hard as I could, I kicked the little frog head out of the way and stormed over to my stereo where I turned the volume on MAX and put in CDs with the most Bass. After an hour of listening to eardrum destroying, screaming boy bands I started to notice a VERY odd smell...It smelled not unlike burning rubber and chalk first I thought dust from the dirt road we lived on had somehow made it's way through the thick trees and gotten in through one of the windows...both windows however were sealed tightly...I turned off my stereo thinking it was the speakers about to blow I switched it off and the smell vanished almost instantly!

Thinking it was just my nerves I climbed into bed and fell asleep almost instantly. The next day I woke up early and took a shower, just as I was washing my hair out a chill fell over me...I suddenly became very nervous for no reason, I felt like I was being watched again...I quickly got out dressed and ran out of the shower the safety of my parents presence. After a while my mom allowed me to go online for a while and started to write about what happened when I stopped, it was probably me and my over active imagination. I moved on to doing something else. My cousin came over and started bugging me about swimming with her and her two kids; I refused politely saying I wanted to talk to my friends.

"Hmph!" she said hitting the power button and turning off the computer. "Don't be such a party pooper!"

I stared at the blank screen in shock, knowing the friend I had been talking to would be angry for not warning him about what she was planning since I did have time to do it before she punched the I thought this the same smell of burning rubber and chalk dust hovered around me like a cloud, I sneezed loudly.

"Bless you," my dad said as he limped by on his way out to the swimming pool.

"Dad do you smell anything funny?" I asked rubbing my nose.

"Funny? No all I smell is that Jasmine soap and lotion you use why?"

"Never mind..."

I placed the incident in the back of my mind after debating wither ask everyone here about it and deciding against it, it seemed everyone had enough trouble without my silly stories spamming the forum. It seemed like everything returned to normal and it was just a scare after all...until the oldest girl admitted something wasn't quite right in her house...

"I keep seeing strange shadows out of the corner of my eye..." she confessed glancing around nervously."I also thought I saw a little blond girl run past my parents room when I was sleeping in there, I sent mommy out to look and she couldn't find anything...then I thought I heard a little girl first I thought it was my sis but she doesn't laugh that way!"

I glanced over at the small skinny brunette sister and frowned, she looked up at me with large questioning eyes.

"Also you know that wind charm my Granddad made me?" she asked pointing towards her room. "The one hanging on the fan?"

"Yeah of course I remember," I said giving her a strange look.

"Yesterday I walked into my room to turn the fan off and the wind charm was going wild! The fan wasn't going that fast and it wasn't shaking that much at all."

"Maybe it was the AC?" I suggested logically.

"I thought that to but mommy had turned it off!"

Later that day we walked into her room to retrieve something and stopped dead in our tracks...we had stopped the AC five minutes prior to entering her room, and there on the slow moving fan was the wind charm spinning around in wild circles! She quickly hit the switch to turn it off and we slammed the door as we rushed back to the living room.

"I told you!" she said her eyes wide with shock.

Once again I thought of writing in and asking about this, and once again I chickened out I didn't want people to accuse me of telling "Tall Tales" or anything like that. I finally screwed up my courage and decided to risk people telling me I was imagining things or ignoring me...I understand if you don't read this it is rather long...but I had to get this off my chest and talk to SOMEONE about it...I'm not good at writing so some of the details do sound sort of "suspicious" I don't expect you to believe me since I'm new and no one knows me but I swear that this story is 100% true!